Blossom Songbird

The pink haired human moon druid


Name: Blossom Songbird
Race: Human
Class: Druid 2
Background: Outlander
Age: 25
Birthdate: September 12
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Green
Skin: Peach
Homeland: Starfall Village
Character Sheet Link:

Basic Stats:
Str: 8
Dex: 10
Con: 16
Int: 13
Wis: 17
Cha: 14

Blossom has very short pink hair (dyed) with bangs. The hair extends just below her ears and is often messy or unkempt. She wears a minimal amount of make-up usually consisting of eyeliner and a faint lip stain which she makes herself from natural resources. Freckles dot her face crossing her cheeks and nose.

Blossom’s normal clothes consist of simple leather armor worn over a tunic and boots. The armor was bleached and then stained a light green color and then given a pink trim. Blossom also carries with her a wooden shield and a wand both made from the apple-wood from her family’s former orchards. The wand is used as a druidic focus and has a faint magical glow of purple energy when used.


A huge geek, Blossom pursues her interests with great passion. Life’s hardships have not hardened her heart; rather she embraces her compassionate nature even more in spite of them. Her kindness glows with a vital energy that brings warmth and laughter to those around her. She has only a handful of close friends to whom she is fiercely loyal and very protective. She is currently separated from her family, due to the monster’s raid on Starfall Village which destroyed her family’s lands and scattered the survivors of her clan. Her current goals are to discover why her village was raided, reunite her clansmen, and retake the village.

Character Traits:
She has a weakness for strawberries and cute fluffy creatures. She spends a lot of time working on her appearance, but tries to make it look like she’s done nothing at all.

Character Flaws:
Blossom follows her heart no matter what. There is no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest, and she often succumbs to impulsive and often ill-advised action.


  • Druidic
  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Goblin

Blossom Songbird

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